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Global21 is deeply convinced that long term economic development can be achieved only by integrating extensively social and environmental issues.

By bringing in its know-how and many years of experience, Global21 wants to contribute actively to the concretisation and implementation of sustainable development in industrial and developing countries.







Our interventions are based on a series of principles we consider essential for conducting a mission effectively:

Intervene at three levels

During our missions, we apply an approach which integrates as much as possible all three intervention levels (macro, meso and micro) and respects interactions between the different levels. In order to obtain sustainable results, we strive for changing framework conditions at political and strategic level (macro level) which are then passed on by intermediates (meso level) to the companies or citizens (micro level).

Assure sustainability

For obtaining long term impacts and changes, the sustainability of an intervention must imperatively be taken into account by embracing the development of project ownership by the partners and the development of a long term strategic vision inside the partner organizations. During our interventions we focus with determination on the sustainability of our actions.

Promote participation

Participation is in the heart of our intervention philosophy. We are deeply convinced that the sustainability and thus the impact of an intervention are considerably enhanced by integrating all relevant stakeholders into our approach.

Therefore, we involve our partners not only into the decision-making process but also into the day-to-day project management.

Measure impacts

During our interventions we pay attention to obtaining measurable and quantifiable impacts. We align ourselves with given project indicators and contribute actively to their implementation and monitoring.

Guarantee transparency

We pay attention to communicating all decisions taken during our interventions to all stakeholders. Global21 is deeply attached to the principles of transparency and good governance.

Develop sense of partnership and cooperation

During our interventions we strive for developing a partnership and cooperation oriented approach towards our clients and partners.




Global21 is committed to providing excellent consultancy services for its clients and to promoting Quality and Corporate Social Responsibility through its activities.

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