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Global21 carries out studies and expertises with reference to the different domains linked to environment, economy and development, in particular:

  • Environmental policy, green economy and environmental governance
  • Climate policy, NDC and climate finance (Green Climate Fund)
  • Development policy and international cooperation
  • Sustainable urban development and Green Cities
  • Adaptation to climate change (NAP process, integration into planning processes)
  • Mitigation and low carbon development
  • Urban and industrial environment (waste management, waste water)
  • Eco-technologies, eco-efficiency and environmental management
  • Energy policy and energy efficiency
  • Sustainable business development, CSR and Global Compact
  • Biodiversity and nature protection



Assessment of biodiversity policy in the Western Balkans




Mitigation options and low carbon development for the industrial sector in Kenya




Private sector and climate change in the South Caucasus region




Analysis of potential for cooperation with Cuba




Compass for economic cooperation with Tunisia




Report about sustainable economic development in Algeria




E-waste in the MENA region




Integration of climate change into planning processes in Cameroon




Landscape analysis of public-private partnerships in Algeria




Poverty Impact Assessment in Green Economy projects in Kenya and South-Africa




Development partnerships with the private sector in Tunisia




Promotion of French environmental technologies at international level




Coaching the chemistry sector in the Maghreb region



Economic impact of climate change in the East African Community

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