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Global21 accompanies projects and programmes throughout the whole project cycle; from project design and conception through reporting and progress control to evaluation. The methodology used hereby is strongly focusing on impacts

Global21 offers development and cooperation organisations its know-how obtained in many years of practical experience in the management of projects related to the environment and sustainable business development.

In the specific case of German Technical Cooperation, we use the “Capacity Works” management model and its instruments.

When preparing and carrying out activities in developing and emerging countries, international companies will find an added value in Global21’s intercultural and development oriented way of thinking and its holistic approach. Through this, entrepreneurial risks can be mitigated and the sustainability of the activities increased significantly.



Environmentally sound and socially inclusive treatment of e-waste in Ghana




Economic value of ecosystems and ecosystem services in South-East Europe




Modernization of municipal services in South-East Europe




Biodiversity and EU association process in South-East Europe




Environment as main focus for German-Algerian cooperation




Report about sustainable economic development in Algeria




Coaching the chemistry sector in the Maghreb region



Regional coordination of the Maghrebian Entrepreneur’s Network for the Environment



Project Progress Review of an Environmental Network in the Maghreb



Planning of a hazardous waste management project in Morocco

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