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National Adaptation Plan (NAP) in Armenia

Technical and process consultancy

For the ClimaEast project, financed by the EU and carried out by DAI, Global21 advises the Ministry of the Nature Protection (MNP) of Armenia regarding the elaboration of the National Adaptation Plan (NAP).

The mission comprises several steps which are essential for the preparation of a NAP:

  • Assessment of national capacities in accordance with National Adaptive Capacity (NAC)-Framework
  • Recommendations regarding needs and gaps for streamlining the adaptation measures in key sectors
  • Consulting for the elaboration of a roadmap for the NAP of Armenia to be used for discussion in multi-stakeholder dialogues
  • Development of a proposal for the structure and main elements of the NAP draft document


Client: European Commission, DAI
Location: Armenia
Period: January - May 2015


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