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Energy efficiency and NDC in Nepal
Team leader for evaluation and programme design


Grid integration of solar energy and energy efficiency to meet NDC targets in Bangladesh
Leading mission team and programme design


NDCs and NAP-process in Armenia
Workshop and capacity development


Product development for municipal services
Process consultancy and team leader


Environmentally sound and socially inclusive treatment of e-waste in Ghana
Leading mission team and project conception


Economic value of ecosystems and ecosystem services in South-East Europe
Project conception


Assessment of biodiversity policy in the Western Balkans
Policy analysis and assessment of EU accession performance


Strategy for regional cooperation with South-East Europe
Strategic consulting for BMZ


Modernization of municipal services in South-East Europe
Evaluation and project design


National Adaptation Plan (NAP) in Armenia
Technical and process consultancy


Mitigation options and low carbon development for the industrial sector in Kenya
Study and capacity development


Biodiversity and EU association process in South-East Europe
Appraisal and conception of an Open Regional Fund


Private sector and climate change in the South Caucasus region
Potentials and challenges


Mainstreaming of adaptation into planning and legal processes in Burundi
Process consulting and capacity development


Green Climate Fund (GCF) in Zambia
Capacity development and integration into planning processes


Environment as main focus for German-Algerian cooperation
Leading appraisal mission and project conception


Analysis of potential for cooperation with Cuba
Feasibility study


Compass for economic cooperation with Tunisia
Analysis of potentialities and roadmap development


Report about sustainable economic development in Algeria
Reporting and Scaling-up


E-waste in the MENA region                                    
Study and regional benchmarking


Integration of climate change into planning processes in Cameroon
Methodology in climate change and strategic consulting

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